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Where Does Our Fuel Come From?

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Transwest Fuels sources high quality fuel from major oil terminals in Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane.  

Our diesel is a 10ppm ultra low sulphur diesel (ULSD) that is quality tested to ensure it meets and exceeds the Australian diesel standards.

All our fuels meets and exceed the Australian standards such as:

  • National fuel quality fuel standards act 2000

  • Fuel quality standards 2001

  • Fuels standard bio diesel 2003

  • Meets EN14214 and US ASTM D6751-08 Standards

  • Diesel meets World Wide Fuel Charter

Sourcing locations

Transwest Fuels can offer sourcing solutions from our own facilities and our supply partners facilities across Australia.

Winter Diesel

To meet requirements of various Australian climatic conditions Park Fuels supplies winter diesel (winter mix). We offer winterised diesel products in the majority of regions that commonly experience temperatures below -10deg C.

The winter mix is a diesel that has increased cold properties to stop waxing and freezing in colder climates. This product is usually supplied between May and October but can be supplied upon request out of this season.

Talk to one of our sales people about how to purchase these products




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